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Jupiter goes direct – 9 April 2015

Mighty Jupiter has been retrograde since 10 December 2014. Jupiter went retrograde at 22 degrees of Leo.

For an explanation of what a planet going retrograde means see here: Quick thoughts on retrograde planets

Jupiter  represents: Good fortune, good humour,  expansiveness, knowledge, partying, prophecy, humour, higher learning, principles, playfulness, naughtiness, slackness, dogma, overindulgence. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius.

For some insights into Jupiter’s journey through the skies this year see here: The planets in 2015 – Jupiter

Jupiter goes direct on April 9 at 12 degrees of Leo. Here is the chart for the time of Jupiter direct in Sydney Australia:

photo copy 2

Notes regarding the Jupiter direct chart:

*at the time Jupiter goes direct, the moon is square Pluto – expect some brief turbulence and go towards optimism rther than intensity at this time.

* Venus is opposite Neptune as Jupiter goes direct – matters regarding love and money are foggy. The fog will clear up. A good time for wishes.


Jupiter will travel over the degree 12 – 22 Leo until July when he comes “out of shadow” – at this time Jupiter is going back over the same ground which he travelled from mid September 2014 to December.

Check where Jupiter was travelling through your chart in the last quarter of 2014 to work out what issues or events might come up and which can now be completed or progressed onto the next stage.

There is a sense of relief in the energies at this time, because Jupiter direct lightens up the intense backdrop of the skies over the last while  (for example, the culmination of Pluto  – god of the underworld  and Uranus  – god of the skies – facing of in the skies).

The good natured, protective, astonishingly lucky king of the gods is out of hibernation and back bringing hope, optimism and distinct possibility.

Check out where Jupiter is visiting your horoscope (which house he is transiting)  to ascertain where your good fortune can manifest now.

From July Jupiter will spend the a few weeks completing his journey through Leo until August 12, when for the first time in 12 years the magnificent vibes of the largest planet in  our skies will grace Virgo with his presence.


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