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4 May Full Moon in Scorpio

The full moon occurs on 4 May at 1.41pm in Sydney Australia at 13 degrees and 22 minutes of Scorpio.

Here is the chart for the full moon.

$ May Full moon

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the god of the underworld. Scorpio energy is  complex, penetrating, passionate and exceptionally perceptive – delving to utmost depths in order to release that which is under the surface. Scorpio is a feminine, nocturnal sign highly valuing privacy and intimacy.

The full moon in Scorpio produces a highly emotional and karmic landscape for intensely delving into the layers and undercurrents of that which is usually hidden. The gift and conversely, challenge is that the hidden is brought to the surface at this time and the energy must be released clearing the way for new insight, progress, rebuilding and healing . If there is resistance to this release or attempts to suppress what comes up at this time, the energies will push through anyway – but in a more explosive uncontrollable manner.

Jupiter is in almost exact square to this full moon, forming a T-square between the Sun/Moon axis. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Jupiter in Leo is also much less secretive that Scorpio, so those skeletons in the closet will not stay in the closet during this period. A most enlightening time.

Jupiter is in approaching trine to Uranus now, so there is an element of the unexpected at play – if you are planning something big, or issues arise at the full moon – results could go either way.

Uranus is connected tightly to Saturn by sesquiquadrate (135 degrees – a square and a half). While this is a less known aspect it is not less powerful when in tight orb. Planets in sesquiquadrate can produce concrete events.  Given Saturn is transiting the sign of Jupiter, there is a push – pull energy feeding into the full moon. Uranus is also inconjunct by sign (and 4 degree orb) with the moon, and given that Scorpio is a fixed energy this reinforces that flexibility and openness to adjusting our position and emotional responses is paramount.

Mercury is at 4 degrees Gemini at the full moon. This is the entry (or shadow) zone of the next Mercury retrograde period. Mercury will go retrograde on May 19 and on 15 June turn direct at this same degree. Whatever you are communicating about at this full moon, will likely be played out/still on the table until mid June.

Wherever 13 degrees Scorpio falls in your chart will be the focus of the full moon energies during this period. So for example if 13 Scorpio is in your 4th house, expect matters of family, your roots and home to be the main arena for action.

Full moons have the most direct impact during the 2 days either side – although the effects can echo for many moons ahead.

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