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Sky Thought 10 November 2015: Sun Quincunx Uranus

The Quincunx is an formed when 2 planets or chart points are 150 degrees apart, or 5 zodiac signs from each other. A good catchphrase for the quincunx is Creative Strain. One way to think of this aspect is that the energies, or two different things are aware of the others presence, but are not quite seeing each other. Or other’s expectations are not predictable.


Today we have the Sun and Uranus forming this aspect at 17 degrees Scorpio and Aries respectively.

So unpredictable Uranus in trailblazing Aries is in a creative pressure connection with the intense Scorpio Sun. Perhaps some secrets will come to light.  Or perhaps clues to solutions present. Perhaps the truth is out there but not quite known yet.

Take no rash action until more facts have come to light.

Planets and points at 17 degrees of any sign are sensitive today.

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