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Sky thought 12 November 2015: North Node into Virgo South Node into Pisces

After 18 months traversing the Libra/Aries axis, the north and south nodes move into Virgo and Pisces respectively today for an 18 month stay.

For an explanation of the nodes and what they mean see here The Moons Nodes and what they mean

From an evolutionary perspective the North Node symbolises the journey necessary for our karmic growth and the South Node represents the elements and challenges we need to work through to activate our growth.

The nodal axis has moved from the Cardinal “i (Aries) versus the “relationship” (Libra) axis to the Mutable “service” (Virgo) and “the collective unconscious” (Pisces) axis.

Virgo is the sign of the healer, of order and perfecting process, of detail and routines. An archetype for Virgo is the Virgin mother or the earth mother or the goddess.  Virgo is also related to health, pets, the “virgin”, critical thinking, service and humility. Are there pointers in this 18 month nodal transit for how we must collectively approach working through current global instability or uncertainty?

Pisces, where the South Node is transiting for this 18 month period is the sign of dreams, delusion, higher inspiration, addiction, and the collective unconscious. What do we need to work through from these realms to reach the highest manifestation of Virgo – service and deep the deep honouring of others.

Wherever Virgo and Pisces falls in your chart will be the arena that this growth cycle plays out for you personally. People aged 18, 37, 55, 74 and 92 will experience their nodal return during this period and people aged 9, 27, 46, 65 and 83 will experience their nodal opposition. These are key times for these individuals’ evolutionary development.


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