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Tuesday Astrology

Tuesday Astrology is a lady in Australia who is surfing through the skies, pondering our place in the universe, connecting dots, reading lots and playing with words, food and devices.

There are some brilliant sites and resources for astrology online. Tuesday Astrology is a mixture of astrological thinking about our place in space, random points of  interest, pretty pictures and occasional horoscopes.

I have been working with astrology for over a decade and had the privilege to study with some exceptional teachers over the years. I hold post-graduate qualifications in Human Services, a Certificate in Astrology from Sydney Astrology School, a certificate in Reiki, have worked as a tarot reader, numerologist and counsellor.  I have been offering astrological consultations for a number of years.

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Types of astrology practiced

Natal Astrology

A look at the life journeys you chose to explore the moment you were born. Choice is always ours and  natal astrology can provide a mirror to the whole of the person, providing greater awareness of options and choices.

Children’s Natal Astrology

Examines the blueprint of a child’s chart. This work focuses on the planets and signs in the child’s birthchart, and the potentials contained within them, to paint a picture of the emerging personality of the child. I do not do predictive work with children’s charts.


An astrological forecast is like a personal weather report – covering current and future  cycles, alerting us to opportunities and assists in navigating life for the present and upcoming cycles. Techniques can include examining transits, progressions, solar arc directions, solar return charts or any combination of these, depending on your chosen areas of focus. It’s helpful to have some understanding of your natal chart in depth to get the most out of this sort of work.

Relationship astrology

COmpares the dynamic between two people via analysis of the complementary and challenging aspects between their two charts. Note: Challenging aspects are not necessarily *bad* as they can be the catalyst for growth and assist in navigating the relationship for the benefit of both parties. Synastry astrology can aid in understanding a relationship between any two people.

Evolutionary perspectives

A depth examination of the nodal story in a natal chart. This honours the past, accesses options for traveling our stories or path and provides perspective around future choices. If past lives resonate this work can explore them.

Electional and business astrology

Trying to choose a good *time* to do something like get married, start a business or launch a project? Electional astrology can assist by aligning your goal with the astrological tides.

Current Research interests

Fixed stars, Black Moon Lilith, mundane astrology and the Sabian Symbols.


Email: tuesdayastrology@gmail.com

Content and Disclaimer

Content on this site is written by Tuesday Astrology, unless otherwise specified. I credit sources and sometimes re-blog astrological articles of interest. Contributors are most welcome.

I spend some time sourcing images for this site – any potential breach in copyright is unintended. Please contact me if you would like an image removed.

Of course, articles and horoscopes are for pondering and entertainment purposes only. Please do not bet the house or attempt to literally fly on the basis of materials here.

image: original artwork by Pterodactylman

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