Tuesday Astrology

surfing on through the skies


Cool places to explore astrological things…

The amazing Astrodeinst Swiss website  where you can calculate charts, research a wide range of astrological information and participate in a worldwide busy forum.

Sydney’s longest running monthly meeting about all things astrological  – a great range of speakers and concepts.

Sydney Astrology School is an excellent astrology learning centre in Sydney Australia. One of my favourite teachers Marc Laurenson is a director.

Ken Ring is a New Zealand long range weather forecaster who uses lunar cycles and astrology to predict weather and geological happenings. His site includes a link to his free e-book explaining the science of the moon and its applications to  predicting weather http://www.predictweather.co.nz/

Online astrology, asteroid and centaur ephemeris. An brilliant resource to explore lesser known asteroids and centaurs, experiment with chart data. Links to an interesting blog by the woman behind it all.

Explore the Constellations and Fixed Stars at this amazing resource by Anne Wright.

Australian Sabian Symbol expert Linda Hill’s site: www.sabiansymbols.com

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