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Sky Thought 10 November 2015: Sun Quincunx Uranus

The Quincunx is an formed when 2 planets or chart points are 150 degrees apart, or 5 zodiac signs from each other. A good catchphrase for the quincunx is Creative … Continue reading

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Sky thought 9 November 2015: Venus and the North Node kissing

For just about all of today Venus and the North node are conjunct at 0 degrees Libra. The North Node and Venus are blending in the sky opposite the Aries … Continue reading

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4 May Full Moon in Scorpio

The full moon occurs on 4 May at 1.41pm in Sydney Australia at 13 degrees and 22 minutes of Scorpio. Here is the chart for the full moon. Scorpio is … Continue reading

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Jupiter goes direct – 9 April 2015

Mighty Jupiter has been retrograde since 10 December 2014. Jupiter went retrograde at 22 degrees of Leo. For an explanation of what a planet going retrograde means see here: Quick … Continue reading

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4 February, 2015 Full Moon in Leo

On 4 February the full moon takes place at 14 degrees and 47 minutes of Leo at 10.07am in Sydney, Australia (or 3 February at 11.09pm Universal Time). Here is … Continue reading

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January 20, 2015 New Moon in Aquarius:

The January 20 New Moon takes place not long after midnight on January 20. The new moon is an 0 degrees Aquarius. It is especially powerful because it is a … Continue reading

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2015 Sun Sign Horoscope – all signs

2015 Sun sign horoscopes consider how the energy of the year impacts your Sun sign, which is your ego or “I energy”. Your Sun sign describes the *hero in you*, your … Continue reading

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Gemini: Your 2015 Sun Sign Horoscope

Planet of karma, time and structure, Saturn entered your opposite sign of Sagittarius just prior to the start of the year. Saturn in your house of the *other”, calls you to … Continue reading

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