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The planets in 2015: Mercury

Mercury is related to communication, translation, thinking, wit, the mind, facts, bits of information,  trickery and deception – I sometimes think of Mercury as a little bit of a naughty child when not … Continue reading

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sky thought 19 February Sun joins the party in Pisces

The Sun is just into Pisces joining Neptune, Chiron, Mars and Mercury. By now, there might be more than a clue as to how this planetary build up in Pisces … Continue reading

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Saturn Retrograde February 2013

Saturn goes retrograde on 19 February at 4.03am in Sydney, Australia. Saturn begins his retrograde period at 11 degrees of Scorpio and will spend 5 months retrograde  until going direct … Continue reading

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sky thought 16 February tough boys are being “friendly”

We all know about the immense energy in Pisces at the moment. Mars, god of war at 11 degrees of Pisces is in easy trine  to grandaddy of karma Saturn. … Continue reading

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Valentines day horoscope – just for fun

These horoscopes are a glance at the skies for February 14th and how they might relate to your Sun sign. The themes discussed will certainly be around for a couple … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Black Moon Lilith in astrology.

Black Moon Lilith is a hypothetical or “pretend” mathematical point in your natal horoscope chart. It is an imaginary space in the sky calculated by the moons apogee (furthest point … Continue reading

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Mercury Retrograde generally speaking

Retrograde means that a planet appears to be going backwards –  in reality planets don’t go backwards, it just appears like they do. One way to think of retrograde is … Continue reading

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a look at the astrology of February 2013

February’s Planets  All dates and times are based on Australian Eastern Standard time The new moon this month will be on 10 February at 21 degrees 43 minutes of Aquarius. The … Continue reading

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new moon horoscope February 10th 2013

The February new moon takes place on 10 February at 6.20pm in Sydney, Australia. The new moon falls at 21 degrees 43 minutes of Aquarius. Aquarius is a fixed air … Continue reading

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full moon horoscope 27 January 2013

  The full moon takes place in Sydney Australia on 27 January 2013 at 3.39pm. The moon is full at 7 degrees, 24 minutes of Leo. There is a lot … Continue reading

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